Reaching your goals and willing is impossible without structure and improvements.


High altitude training

  • 10 Years experience


Coordination / Power training

  • Together with specialists
  • With references plus reference video


Boat service

  • We work independently of boat manufacturing companies
  • Cosmetic repairs available upon request
  • Service locations in Sontra/ Eschwege/ Munich and upon request at regatta locations
  • Individualized boat setup, rigging and equipment adjustments
  • Individualized testing of boats and equipment
  • Collection and analysis of data using power distribution measurements
  • Collection and analysis of data using video analysis


Training locations

  • Altitude training (10 years experience)
  • Seasonal related training
  • Location Munich, including external support such as: Erg testing, lactate testing, hotels, mental coach, certain food restrictions. power training diagnostics. Contact to specialists, who are highly experienced in high performance sports
  • Location Erlangen: Demo video and references upon request
  • Location Tegernsee: Demo video and references upon request
  • Location Sevilla: 10 years own experience, demo video and references upon request
  • Location Newport Beach: 10 years own experience, demo video and references upon request, possible to mix up with regatta starts in Arizona, Long Beach and Boston in autumn as package


Team improvements

  • Technical evaluation
  • Development and evaluation of training plans
  • Video analysis
  • Biomechanical analysis
  • Altitude and sea level training strategies
  • Consulation with international staff on concepts for coaching, training development and sports medicine
  • Crew coaching
  • "Working as your assistant" upon request



  • Video analysis
  • Bow camera
  • Stroke rate analysis
  • Heart rate analysis
  • Video analysis of training and racing in kind of technics/tactical, Collect datas, work them in and analyze (demo video upon request)



  • Planning, Organization and Servicing available for Training Camps and Regattas
  • Extensive experience in team leadership and working with coaches
  • All services available from one single source
  • Logistics coordinated upon request
  • Services include organization and booking of lodging and storage locations
  • Renting of vehicles according to individual needs
  • Physiological testing and control testing available upon request
  • Venue visit ahead of event
  • References: Marcel Hacker, Olympic and World Championship teams



  • Weight/Powertraining
  • Biorower training
  • Erg training
  • Middle/Big boat training
  • Coordination training (Int./Ext.)
  • Lactate based training
  • Bike/Ski/Outrigger training


High performance equipment

  • Boat test
  • Blade test
  • Fins
  • Seats
  • Riggers
  • Footstretcher
  • Handles
  • Visors
  • Customized manufacturing of carbon riggers for sweep and sculling boats
  • Customized seat construction with analysis of data
  • Customized footstretcher construction with analysis of data
  • State of the art developments
  • Individualized testing of material with biomechanical analysis
  • Indiviualized solutions
  • Our manufacturing is not in conjunction with any boat manufacturing company
  • Work with video goggles as state of the art development
  • Work with HD-camera as state of the art development
  • Optimized and detailed video analysis pictures



  • Picture service at events
  • Homepageservice
  • Pictures immediately transferred to your teammedia at home
  • Coordination of speeches for athletes and coaches
  • Sport/Business seminar development (analysis available upon request)
  • Examples of current sports marketing:
  • 10 years experience and contact to top media partners and journalists in Europe