Rowing Logistics

Looking for reliable and experienced boat transportation services? Our team works independently of manufacturers, ensuring high-quality transportation of boats and equipment with full service and support for rigging and setting up your high-performance gear. With three trailers available and fully insured transportation, we've never damaged a boat since our start in 1989. Contact us for container shipping and packing options and long-term service worldwide.

  • We work independently of boat manufacturers.
  • We offer transportation services for boats and equipment.
  • Our drivers and staff are highly experienced.
  • We are well-known and respected for providing quality work for manufacturers.
  • Our goal is to provide full-service transportation from the manufacturer to the venue or training camp, including unloading and rigging up.
  • We offer support for rigging and setting up high-performance equipment, and loading and unloading is included in our service.
  • All boats are covered in plastic during transportation to protect them.
  • We have three trailers available for boat and equipment transportation, with a driver and vehicle.
  • Our transportation services are fully insured, and we have never damaged any equipment since the start of our company in 1989.
  • We also offer container shipping, and container packing is available in Sontra/Munich or at an agreed-upon location.
  • We welcome both singular and season packages, and we are interested in long-term partnerships.
  • Our services are available worldwide, and our staff has many years of experience in the industry.